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eSirius Protocol Help Documents

Workshops: The IACUC office offers semimonthly eSirius help sessions/workshops/labs for researchers who are planning to, or are in the process of, submitting new protocols, amendments, annual reviews, and three-year renewals in eSirius. Complete details and the workshop schedule can be found here.

These documents are intended to help PIs and their research personnel perform common functions related to their IACUC protocols in eSirius, and to provide guidance on what the IACUC expects to be in protocols.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions on animal use at Cornell and on the eSirius Animal Protocol system.

Narrative Guide: Guidance on what content the IACUC expects in the narrative sections of the protocol.

    This document/page is currently undergoing revision. For guidance or assistance with protocol-related questions, please contact the IACUC Administrators at, 255-3749, or 255-5398.

Amendment Guide: Guidance on which protocol sections to complete for common kinds of amendments.

  • Download a pdf overview of the protocol sections required for common amendments.

Submit an annual review: Summary of steps to take in eSirius to submit an annual review.

Submit a three year re-submission or expiration: Summary of steps to take in eSirius to renew a protocol after three years. Steps you must take to allow your protocol to expire.

eSirius Instruction Manual: A guide to all eSirius functions, navigation, and use.