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General Guidance About Amendments

  • You can only submit an amendment to a current, approved protocol (not to protocols that are in pending, expired or terminated status).
  • If you have a pending amendment, you cannot submit another one with requested changes to the SAME sections that are being amended in the pending amendment. You can however, submit amendments to other sections of the same protocol concurrently.
  • It is always a good idea to check Section 13.1 to see if you need to change any of the "Yes/No" buttons on the species related activities. (When No is checked those sections will NOT open for you.) You may not need to open 13.1 if you know that the section that you want to amend is already open on your protocol.
  • When requesting personnel additions to protocols, remember to also follow the steps in the Animal Facilities Access Checklist to get a person authorized to work with animals.
  • Once the amendment is approved, the changes requested in the amendment become part of the protocol. You cannot see the changes separately in the protocol. It is a good idea to keep a PDF version of the proposed amendment for your records if you need it.
  • Amendments are reviewed on a schedule with two deadlines every month. Please refer to the schedule and deadlines listed on this page: An exception is made for personnel-only amendments, or those that require only minor administrative changess.

List of Most Common Amendments

Different types of amending actions may be combined in a single amendment submission. In these instances all sections related to each of the single actions must be completed.

Overview of all common Amendments

  1. Changes in personnel information (may qualify for administrative approval)
  2. Add animals to categories B or C
  3. Add/move animals to categories D or E
  4. Add pain category D or E
  5. Add non-surgical procedures
  6. Add surgical procedures
  7. Add/modify Drugs
  8. Add/modify Restraints
  9. Add/modify Hazardous materials
  10. Add/change Euthanasia
  11. Add exemption from standards of care
  12. Add/change housing location (may qualify for administrative approval)
  13. Add/change procedure locations (may qualify for administrative approval)

Note that the guidance provided for each amendment type is based on the assumption that the PI is requesting ONLY that particular change in the approved protocol. For example,, if you are requesting permission to add animals to pain category C as well as use new drugs or perform new procedures, you must follow the guidance provided in (2), (4) and (7). However, if you are adding animals to pain category C and do not propose to make any other changes to your protocol, you only need to follow the guidance provided in (2).