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IACUC Newsletters

The Animal Care and Use Newsletter is a publication of the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, and is intended to provide information on ethical standards and expectations, regulatory compliance, and other practical matters related to Cornell University's animal care and use program.

December 2016

Read about the new IACUC Chair, building flexibility in your protocols, changes to ACUPs and more.

June 2011

Help for Literature Searches for Alternatives to Painful Procedures/Updated Animal Care and Use Procedures (ACUPs), (formerly "CARE SOPs") [ACUP 308 Avian Euthanasia, ACUP 517 Swine Husbandry, and ACUP 711 Sharp Precautions]/IACUC policy on Review and approval of applications (protocols, amendments, annual reviews) submitted to the IACUC/Need assistance with eSirius and other protocol related activities?

November 2010

Updated IACUC policy on required Education and Training for personnel involved in Cornell's Animal Care and Use Program/New process to reduce time for adding personnel to protocols/Protocol/e-Sirius assistance - IACUC Office Hours

September 2010

New IACUC policy on managing reported concerns related to the use of animals in research and teaching/New formatted IACUC protocol and amendment approval letters from eSirius/New zoonoses information sheets/New SOP template for BSL2 work/New IACUC guidance on transferring animals between approved Cornell protocols/Assistance with eSirius and other protocol related activities

May 2010

Congruence between IACUC approved protocols and grants is a condition of accepting PHS funds/Charges to NIH awards during periods of non-compliance for activities involving animals

April 2010

Animal usage on approved protocols/Revised Annual Review Form to be implemented on April 19/New IACUC Policy for review of protocols with biohazardous agents

January 2010

New/updated IACUC Policies/New FAQs and other guidance available on the IACUC Web site/IACUC required traininig now available through direct login/Protocols past expiration date - what you need to know/New IACUC Administrator

December 2007

eSirius Version 10A Updates: Procedure Locations/Multiple Major Surgeries/Copy Species/Training/Contacts for eSirius Assistance

May - June 2007

USDA Pain & Distress Categories/eSirius Log In Changes (Kerberos Login) and System Updates/Version 10A System Update

December 2006

Inspection & Accreditation Review/Justification of Numbers/Pre Review of Protocols/Emergency Contact Numbers/eSirius Data Integrity Issues/New IACUC Website and Address/Compliance Reminders: Housing Animals and Inspection of Procedure Areas