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IACUC - Policy & Standard Operating Procedures

Cornell Policy 1.4

Care and Use of Animals in Research and Training
Cornell University regards the use of animals in research, teaching, and testing to be an integral component of continued progress in science, education, and agriculture. The university expects all of its animal facilities and programs to maintain the highest standards of animal care and use, and to be operated in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.

IACUC Policies

Animal Welfare Concerns

100 IACUC Whistleblower Policy
110 Managing Reported Concerns Related to the Use of Animals in Research and Teaching

Education & Training

200 Education and Training for the Humane Care and Use of Animals in Research, Training, and Testing

Protocol Related

300 Review and Approval of Applications (protocols, amendments, annual reviews) submitted to the IACUC
310 Process for Review and Approval of Protocols with Biohazardous Materials
320 Guidelines for Assigning Animals into USDA Pain and Distress Categories
330 Managing Exemptions from Standards of Care
340 Principal Investigator Eligibility for Protocols Involving the Use of Vertebrate Animals
350 Animal Work Conducted at Non-Cornell Organizations
360 Obtaining Custom Antibodies from Live Animals

Facility Related

400 IACUC Policy for Semi-Annual Inspections
410 Required Signage for Animal Facilities and Animal Procedure Areas
420 Review of Animal Facility Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
430 Tracking Animal Use Including Animal Transfers Between Protocols

Animal Care & Procedures

500 Primary Clinical Veterinary Care Performed by Non-CARE Veterinarians
510 Protocol Refinement or Modification Under CARE Veterinarianís Oversight
520 Transportation of Animals
530 Exportation of Rodents to Other Institutions
550 Social Housing of Animals