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IACUC - Submission Requirements

Review Deadlines for Designated Member Review of Non-Administrative Amendments

The IACUC has adopted a two-week review timeline for all non-administraative amendments to curent, approved protocols. This applies to those amendments that are currently in pending status.

Application Deadline & Schedule of IACUC Meetings

IACUC submission deadlines (for full committee review) and a listing of IACUC meeting dates.

P.I. Requirements

Investigators using animals in research or teaching have a responsibility to the scientific community and society as a whole for the proper stewardship of the animals under their care.

Creating a Protocol Application in eSirius

State and Federal Regulations require that all uses of living vertebrate animals within the institution be reviewed for their appropriateness by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before any of these uses commence. Cornell's application forms are available in eSirius, an electronic protocol management system.