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About the Animal Protocol Process at Cornell

Cornell University currently uses a web-based content management system, eSirius, to manage the preparation, submission, review, and approval of protocols concerning the use of non-human vertebrates in teaching, testing, or research. eSirius also provides functionalities for ordering animals, invoicing, and census data in participating Cornell animal facilities.

To get access to eSirius, download and complete the System Access Form, and submit it to the IACUC Office.  Principal Investigators (PI), and anyone to whom the PI delegates responsibility for entering protocol information or ordering animals can use eSirius.   A Cornell NetID is required for access to eSirius.  Not everyone is eligible to be a PI on a protocol.   For a list of eligible titles, please see the Policy on PI Eligibility.

To start a new protocol, click on ‘Create a New Protocol’ on your eSirius homepage.  Enter the requested information on each web page as it appears, and then click “Save and Continue” to SAVE what you have entered and continue the process.  You may also use the table of contents on the left side of protocol web pages to navigate within the protocol. You many use the ‘Finish Later’ button to save your work at any time.  The unfinished protocol will then appear on your eSirius homepage so that you can go back to work on it when it is convenient. Contact CARE regarding animal housing and procedure locations, and for advice on animal procedures and surgeries.  Also, review relevant Animal Care and Use Procedures, ACUPS for guidance.

After you have entered all the protocol information, and successfully completed the ‘Error Verification’ process in eSirius, when you click on the ‘Submit to the IACUC Office’ button on the Submit Protocol Page in eSirius, the protocol is submitted for IACUC Review. You can add and edit protocol information anytime before it is submitted. (The process is similar for Amendments and for Annual Reviews. See the PI Training Manual pages 16 & 24 et seq. for more detailed information.) Call the IACUC Office, 255-3749, if you need help with eSirus, or attend one of the eSirius Help Sessions.

Submitted protocols are first pre-reviewed, and concerns and suggestions for improvement are communicated to you within the on-line protocol form.  You have a period of time after the pre-review to make changes, before the protocol is reviewed at a monthly IACUC meeting.  All events related to protocol review and revision are also communicated to you via e-mail.  Once the IACUC approves your protocol, you will receive a written approval letter via e-mail.

View a Diagram of the Submission and Review Process

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